Standings for the 2018-19 Season

Current win-loss standings are based on our accepted point system: Win = 3 pts, Loss = 1 pt, Tie = 2 pts. Total points to date are also displayed. Tie-breaker points (tie-brkr pts) are also shown and are only used to determine rank in the event of a tie. Tie-breaker points are based on rocks scored during each game.

Weekly Scores:

 Scores Apr 12 Playoff

Ends won per game.

Ends Apr 12 Playoff

Final Round-Robin #1 Standings:

 Standings RR1

Round-Robin #2 and Playoff Standings:

Standings Apr 12 Playoff

Tie-Breaker Points for Round-Robin #1:


Tie-Breaker Points for Round-Robin #2:

TBP Apr 12 Playoff

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