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Curling Safety Tips

New to curling? Start here for some handy tips on how to prepare and play safely.

What to Wear

Helmets or headgear are highly recommended to prevent serious injury and are mandatory for participants in our Little Rocks (U12) program, for those new to the Junior (U21) program, and for anyone under the age of 18 participating in our Family & Friends or Holiday Party events.

Wear comfortable clothing that gives you a full range of motion for sweeping and sliding. Avoid clothing that sheds fibers or lint easily.

The ice shed is cold, but you’ll feel warmer as you play. Dress in layers to avoid overheating.

If you do not have curling shoes, wear a pair of clean running shoes. Do not wear them when travelling to the club - instead, carry them and change before entering the ice shed.

Wear grippers on both shoes to avoid slipping. Grippers may be available to borrow from the club. Ask the club manager or your league rep.

Ensure that your grippers are tight enough over your shoes (running shoes and curling shoes) that they will not fall off as you walk on the ice. Loose grippers can be a tripping hazard.

Safety on the Ice

Take a few minutes to stretch before entering the ice shed, to avoid muscle pulls and strains.

Take extra care when stepping onto the ice.

  • Always step onto the ice with a gripped shoe first.
  • Never step onto the ice with your ‘slider foot’.
  • Do not step on or off the ice over the rocks as this increases your chance of slipping and injuring yourself on the rocks or handles.

Moving on the Ice

Walk, never run on the ice.

Use grippers on both feet when sweeping.

Carry your broom with the brush side down to help provide balance as you move on the ice.

When sweeping, only move as fast as you are comfortable moving. If the rock is moving too fast for you to keep up, stop sweeping and move to the side of the sheet.

Handling Rocks

Never pick up a curling rock off of the ice surface. It is not required to lift the stone to deliver your shot, nor should rocks be lifted to move them around the sheet. Push rocks with your broom to move them safely.

Use your broom to stop moving rocks - never your hand as your fingers can be crushed between rocks.

Never use your feet to stop a fast-moving rock. You could lose balance and fall.

Delivering your Rocks

Wait until your skip and sweepers are ready before throwing. Ensure no other players are in the path of where you intend to throw.

When using a step-on slider, push the slider away from your foot after releasing your rock so you have both gripped feet to stand.

Use your broom or stabilizer for balance when standing after delivery.

Healthy Curling

If you’re sick or recovering from an illness, find a spare to fill in until you are in good health.

Alcohol and drugs can affect your balance and make navigating the ice more difficult. Save the drink until after the game, or if necessary, sit out.

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